The property is located in Washington Park, Chicago

Address: 5228 S King Dr., Chicago, IL 60615

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Articles about Washington Park in the media

New Now it's official - Chicago is the candidate for 2016 Olympic games!

                                                                                           by Chicago Tribune

Meanwhile, on the South Side, word of the city's triumph over Los Angeles in the race to be named the U.S. candidate to host the 2016 Summer Olympics also sparked cheers from small-business owners and Realtors who see the bid as a potential economic engine for their neighborhoods. more here >>

Washington Park plan looks like a gold medal winner for the city

                                                                                      By Chicago Tribune 2006

"If Chicago actually lands the 2016 Olympics, the dramatic shift in the city's main stadium plan announced Wednesday is likely to go down as a turning point....

The new plan, which moves the stadium from the downtown lakefront to Washington Park on the city's South Side, strikes the proper balance between doing what is right for the Olympics and doing what is right for Chicago--two imperatives that have quietly been in conflict since Chicago's plans began leaking onto the front pages this summer." read more >>>


Olympic opportunity?                                                   By Chicago Tribune 2006

"It's in a great location," Kristyn Dunn Broker associate for Coldwell Banker said. The neighborhood "faces the western border of Washington Park - and is still five miles from downtown," she said …

"Only in the last five to seven years has Washington Park tried to make a comeback from a builder's perspective," Dunn said. North Side builders are making the trek to Washington Park because land prices are reasonable.“ read more >>> 

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